Null fields and blank fields in MSAccess application

Posted on 2012-09-05
Last Modified: 2012-09-05
I have an Access application.

My customer wants the customer's account number to display on their email if they have an assigned customer account number.  The app works fine if there is an account number.

If  there wasn't a custoomer account number, I got an error. If I change the blank fields to a 0 or to NULL, that prints in the field.  The customer does not want the 0 to print on the emil.

Is there a way to resolve the error and NOT have to print a 0 or NULL when the CustNbr field is blank?   The error I get is  "Error # 94.  Invalid use of Null.

Here is the code:  

Private Sub cmdEmail_Click()
  Dim i As Integer
  Dim varEmail As Variant
  Dim varCustNbr As Variant  
  On Error GoTo Err_cmdEmail_Click
  DQ = """"
  'Debug.Print "whatever"
  For i = 1 To cboINameRecent.ListCount - 1

    varEmail = DLookup("[Email]", "tblEmails", "[Customer Nme] = " & DQ & cboINameRecent.ItemData(i) & DQ)
  cboINameRecent.ItemData(i) & DQ)
    varCustNbr = DLookup("[Cust Nbr]", "tbl_Emails", "[Customer Name] = " & DQ & cboINameRecent.ItemData(i) & DQ)  
    If Not IsNull(varEmail) Then
      strEmail = varEmail
      strINum = cboINameRecent.ItemData(i)
      If IsNull(strCustNbr) Then
            strCustNbr = ""
            strCustNbr= varCustNbr
      End If

    DoCmd.Close acReport, "rptMain"
      cboINameRecent.Value = cboINameRecent.ItemData(i)
      'MsgBox cboINameRecent.ItemData(i) & "/" & cboINameRecent.Value
      DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, "rptMain", acFormatPDF, strEmail, , , "Customer Recp " & strCustNbr, strEmailMessage, False
      'MsgBox varCustNbr, vbOKOnly, "Operation Complete"

    End If
  Exit Sub
'  MsgBox " Error #: " & Err.Number & vbCrLf & Err.Description, , "cmdEmail_Click"
End Sub
Question by:programmher
    LVL 39

    Accepted Solution

    Your code have error in if:
    If IsNull(strCustNbr) Then
                strCustNbr = ""
                strCustNbr= varCustNbr
          End If

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    should be:

    If IsNull(varCustNbr) Then
                strCustNbr = ""
                strCustNbr= varCustNbr
          End If

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    You can use also:
    strCustNbr = "" & DLookup("[Cust Nbr]", "tbl_Emails", "[Customer Name] = " & DQ & cboINameRecent.ItemData(i) & DQ)  

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    LVL 84
    You can also wrap the DLookup in Nz:

    varCustNbr = Nz(DLookup("[Cust Nbr]", "tbl_Emails", "[Customer Name] = " & DQ & cboINameRecent.ItemData(i) & DQ)  , "")

    That will return either the value in Cust Nbr or an empty string.

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