TS on Windows Server 2008 NOT RDS

Hello Experts,

I have two windows 2008 R2 servers.  I installed what I thought was RDS on both services via Server Manager.  One of the servers has Remote Desktop Services and the other has Terminal Services.

What did I do different?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
The license key cannot upgrade a version.  Terminal Services was in Windows Server 2008 (NON-R2) and Remote Desktop Services is what is became starting with 2008 R2.  If one says TS and the other RDS, then one is 2008 and the other is 2008 R2 - both are NOT 2008 R2.  Or the only other way I could even imagine you had "R2" on both is if the other was some kind of Beta before the renamed it... but that should have expired LONG ago.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Terminal Services name was changed in 2008R2 to Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Both types of CALS TS 2008 CALs or 2008 RDS CALs can be used interchangably. Not sure exactly why one says TS and one says RDS but they are virtually the same thing and CALs can be used for both.

Are both servers patched with the same updates? Also have you tried to remove the one that says TS and reinstall the role?

Hope this helps!
tucktechAuthor Commented:
I think I will do what you suggest in remove and reinstall.  I am not sure if I used the wrong license number, etc.. but I want to make sure I have the latest version, etc..  I will post back.
tucktechAuthor Commented:
leew, you are correct, the one with TS is standard and NOT R2 Standard.  thank you!  I installed the wrong OS
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