custom installation wizard - query

hi i have a windows 2003 domain, using office 2003 & i have the windows 2003 resources disc.

i have in the passed made use of the gpmc/software.!!

q1. where do i locate the 'custom installation wizard' as i wish to use a copy ?

q2. whats the difference between the gpmc/software install & ciw although i assume if not part of a domain then using ciw would be sufficient ?

ive looked on my windows 2003 resources disc but i cannot find it, so i assume it is a 'url' link that no longer are found!!!
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You can find the CIW on this page - search the page for "ork.exe":

CIW creates a pre-customized install source for Office.

You can then deploy the customized install source manually, via scripts or by SCCM or GPO, etc.
mikey250Author Commented:
sound advice.  i had already downloaded this sometime ago but forgot!! i have not used it yet but will do so thanks!!
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