VOIP quality issue: voice breaking up

Hi Experts,

Since both our facilities were installed with the same model of voice IP phone system (Samsung OfficeServ) a year ago we've continuted having the voice breaking-up issue while calling between the two facilities using four-digit extension. Both facilities have a connection of 3 T1s and reserve dynamic cQoS 1,536K for public voice and another 768K for site-to-site phone.

I want to know if the breaking-up issue on VOIP is "normal"? And we should live with it? What could be the cause and how to fixt it?

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The voice breaking up is definetly not normal. It can happen if you make calls over the internet if some packets get lost but over a dedicated connection with QOS configured the call quality should be perfect.

How many simultaneous calls do you have between offices?
768Kbos should be good for about 8 simultaneous calls and more if the voice is compressed using a different codec. If you have many calls then it could be the bandwidth you have reserved is not enough. It should be easy to test by just calling at a very quiet time of the day.
CastlewoodAuthor Commented:
The telecomm told us, if you have choppy voice, it most likely is caused by the layer one (cable quality). The street copper to our facility has been old and we suspect it contributes most to the issue we have.
If drop-off, then it could be layer 2 or 3 issue. Since it is on-going issue we have been working tightly with isp. Pretty much every time user got an issue and reported to me, then I called to isp and created a case. Hopefully can work out.
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