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I am trying to watch a webcast on my system.  Normally the webcast has audio and video will automatically advance on the questionaire within this webcast.  I am now getting and error.
The error reads...
"Errors on this webpage might cause it to work incorrectly. Object doesn't support this property or method.  mediaPlayerClass.js    Code 0   URI:http//event.on.24/clients/default/presentation/mediaPlayerClass.js?622201016"
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CDS-JBCAuthor Commented:
These suggestions did not work.  I downloaded Chrome and it seems to work fine in Chrome.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
It looks like a Java error and Java got a large update this week. Did you enable the add-in?

Is this your system? You are watching someone else's system?

.... Thinkpads_User
CDS-JBCAuthor Commented:
No, this is our CFO's system that is having this issue.  He is on XP with IE 8.
I am Windows 7 IE8.  When I do the webcast on my system it works fine.  It is just his system that seems to be having this issue.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I cannot find anything specific. You did not answer about the state of Java updates or add-ins on the problem machine.

Also, I suggest you scan the problem machine for viruses and malware as that could be the issue. .... Thinkpads_User

A *.js file is a JavaScript file.  From what you typed, or copied and pasted, the URL of the "mediaPlayerClass.js" file is:
and it is being called with the parameter: "622201016"

That URL seems odd.  Shouldn't it have a colon after the http but before the // ?
A web page loads a JavaScript file and then, within the HTML code, a reference is made to a function within the *.JS file.  It looks like the call references a function named "622201016".

Could you please explain a little more about what you are doing.

What browser are you using?
What operating system?
Is the website your own or a public one?

As thinkpads_user has stated, Malware is always a potential risk.  There are thousands of compromised websites out there and JavaScript files are quite often used to infect computers visiting them.
CDS-JBCAuthor Commented:
I will check the system for viruses and update Java as indicated and see if this will fix the issue.

You say that "these suggestions did not work".
Some of the "suggestions" were actually questions, but you have not answered them.

Without knowing the answers to them I would not have been able to help further.

Setting Chrome as the default browser isn't a solution to your existing problem, it is a workaround and presumably the issue is still there in IE.  It is common sense to test in other browsers so as to isolate the problem as being an IE one rather than a general one anyway, but it's hardly a solution other than an immediate partial resolution. Had another expert made that suggestion I wonder if you would have accepted that answer.

I'm not digging for points, because I can't really be bothered with all this points stuff anyway, just making a suggestion that in future questions perhaps you should answer experts' questions before jumping in to close the question with a half-baked "solution" of your own.

Here is the "mediaPlayerClass.js" file from somebody's website that is primarily for serving webinars/webcasts/podcasts, whatever you like to call them.  Without supplying the actual site, which would be wrong of me, it takes the form   and this came up as the 4th result for me in Google while searching on "mediaPlayerClass.js" (with quotes).  It is in the same folder as other support files eg. for Adobe Flash Player plugin (flashPlayerClass.js) and some other multimedia JavaScript functions (presentationClass.js).  I have renamed it as a .TXT file.  Have a look and see if you think that is Java or JavaScript, which are two entirely different things.

Going back to your specific error, the URL refers to a company named "ON24":
ON24 Inc. 799 Market Street, 6th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103 Tel: 415-369-8000

Here is your "mediaPlayerClass.js" JavaScript file:
(note the colon)

Compare it to the one found on the ON24 site.  There's no coincidence that this one is exactly the same as the earlier one with some minor additions.  It is part of a package of online software used by people to stream webcasts via ON24 (, and the the site has its own administrative login, control panel, etc to update and modify content.  It is used by loads of companies, including big ones like IBM for their webcasts.

Here is their help web page for webcast issues:

Whatever site you were on at the time, it looks from the error message that somebody has tweaked the JavaScript OR used a bad <script> command in a web page that has sent the wrong query string to the JavaScript file, OR that IE is just crap.  Without knowing what site you were on it's impossible to say.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
CDS-JBC - I agree with BillDL's comments and you really should delete the question because your answer is not a solution.  ... Thinkpads_User
CDS-JBCAuthor Commented:
My own suggestion.
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