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booting a specific FreeBSD partition using GPT

I am testing FreeBSD 9.1 RC1. Here is what gpart shows me:

root@src:/root # gpart show
=>            34  104857533  da0  GPT  (50G)
                34               128    1  freebsd-boot  (64k)
              162    41943040    2  freebsd-ufs  (20G)
   41943202    20971520     3  freebsd-ufs  (10G)
   62914722    37748736     4  freebsd-ufs  (18G)
  100663458     4192256     5  freebsd-swap  (2G)
  104855714            1853       - free -  (926k)

I have installed the O/S onto /dev/da0p2 and then 'dumped' and 'restored' it to /dev/da0p3. I then edited the etc/fstab in the /dev/da0p3 partition to point to the correct partition.

When the system boots, it boots off of the /dev/da0p2 partition and things work fine. My question is, at the boot prompt, how do I specify the /dev/da0p3 partition for booting?
1 Solution
did you make that partition active and bootable ?
if both partitions have the "bootme" attribute the first bootable will win
you need to remove the bootme flag from the first partition or add the bootonce to the second if you just want to test it's bootability
flags can be set using the gpart command

beware : you possibly did not copy the bootcode to the partition when using dump/restore so you may have to add it or copy it from another partition.

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