Outlook Administrative Template setting has result reversed on a single computer

I downloaded the Office 2007 Administrative Templates to apply settings to Outlook. Trying to set User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Classic Administrative Templates (ADM) > Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 > Tools | Options... > Delegates > Store deleted items in owner's mailbox instead of delegates's mailbox to Enabled. This had been working, but a user called and said it stopped working for her today.

I checked value of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook\Options\General\DelegateWastebasketStyle, and found set to 8, not the expected 4. If I set it to Disabled on the GPO and run gpupdate on the computer, value changes to 4. There are also settings for Outlook 2010 in the same GPO and the computer shows the correct value there.

The MS KB article on the setting is 202517.

Any ideas on why this setting is applying backwards on this one computer (so far) and how to fix?
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ByteCafeSupportConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Never have done it before, but I figured I would open up the ADM files in Notepad and I found that the values are switched there in the 2007 version, outlk12.adm. These files have not been edited, so I don't know how it had been working or why it only appeared to affect the one computer (maybe otheres hadn't noticed yet). I reloaded this ADM and in the registry it looks good now. We'll see how it goes.

ADM files are supposed to make life easier...
Have you tried haveing the user rin the Fix it?

Does this user have the entire office 2007 suite installed on their machine or is there a mix of 2007 and 2010?

Might also check that the user has the latest service pack for office installed on their PC

Office 2007 = SP3
Office 2010 = SP1
ByteCafeSupportAuthor Commented:
The Fix it will not work if setting is done by Group Policy because it is stored in the Policies key then.

This computer has Office 2007 Standard only. It was at SP1 when I checked it. I just updated to SP2, which is the latest available from our update server.

I'm just using registy to verify at this point, and it always has the opposite value of what GPO and even RSOP show.
Good Deal
Interested to see how it goes
ByteCafeSupportAuthor Commented:
Everything is working as expected today after fixing ADM file.

Thanks for the suggestions
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