Lenovo SL510 or 2847 CT0 - where is the wireless card - I need to remove it

I have two of these laptop and I suspect that one wireless card is moody / bad.

How do I removed it.

Its not where i expected.

Is it under the KB?

Anyone have schematics out there?

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Scott CConnect With a Mentor Senior Systems EnginerCommented:
Here is a link to the service manual.


I think what you are looking for is on Page 100.

It's not where I would have expected it to be either.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If you go to the Lenovo Support Site, Manuals, and enter your model (2847), you can find the Hardware Maintenance manual for the SL510. On page 74 it shows you that the cover for the wirless card is on the bottom at the front.  Undo the screw, lift the cover and it should be there with antenna wires attached. .... Thinkpads_Use
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