SharePoint 2010 New Employee HR Onboarding

I am setting up a HR Onboarding process with our SharePoint 2010.  I have a few new content types, a bunch of new columns, and some new custom lists.  I also have a workflow I am setting up in SharePoint designer 2010.

I currently have one list setup so when I add a new item including new hire name, manager, title and the basic stuff like that it will start the new hire workflow I created.  What I am trying to figure out is the best way to assign tasks to the IT, HR and AP departments.  Each department could have quite a few tasks.  Should I use the workflow to create a whole lot of tasks and assign them out with it also?  Is there a way to have an IT Task List in SharePoint with a list of tasks that each new hire will need and then when a new hire is created it duplicates these for that person somehow?  Maybe a list of things that need to be done with check boxes?(is that possible?) Other ideas?

Just looking for the best way to create a list of items that need to be done for each department when a new person is hired.

Thanks for any help!
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BembiConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
1.) I don't have a ready solution, but maybe this help to construct loops in wiorkflows:

2.) As I understood your question right....
You have to trigger the workflow from somewhere. If you use the form, where you enter some details for the new employee, you can catch the name from the form and add it to the list in the same workflow...
That means that the template lists and the target list are not equal, as the target list has some additional information. Or - if they are eaqual, the template "name" filed is empty and you fill is after the copy sequence into the new list....

A different option may be to us the list as a kind of data connector in the workflow, thisway you should be able to handle the template list like a common data source like a database table, and you can make queries against the data source.
My spontan idea for this would be....

As I understood you have a defined list of task for several departments for a new employee.

One method is to create 1 list of tasks, which contains all tasks. Add for each task, which department and person is responsible.
For the single departments, you can filter the list, so that only relevant items are shown.

Second method would be to create several lists for each department.

I would prefer method 1 as you can extract easily reports about the status just by filtering the list in any direction. The disadvantage may be, that - as far as you want to set permissions - you have to set them on tasklevel. Second disadvantage is, that this list can get very long, so may need some clean up from time to time.

Method 2 is more easy to handle according permissions, but the information about one employee is stored in different lists, which have to be aggregated again to get a status report.

You template idea works also with one list, if you put tags inside to decide, if a job should be done or not. If the tag is set, the task showes up ie. in the IT department, if not, it is in the list, but filtered out.
So your workflow can produce a list with standard tasks and you may edit the list with a form, and dependend on your settings, you show only the relevant task to the department.
BlizzardMNAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I like method one.  I am trying to figure out how I should go about this.  Do I pre-populate the task list then do something in the worflow with them or do I use the workflow to create the items in the task list?
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There is a prepared workflow step to copy one item of a list to another item....
I guess it is easier to just create a list with template jobs and copy them into the live table.
But I'm not sure,. if you can copy the list as it is or if you have to change the workflow if you add a new item to your template list.

But I guess anyway easier as to create all items from the workflow.
BlizzardMNAuthor Commented:
I think I now know how to get the view correct but now I am having an issue copying the list items how I want.  Maybe I am totally off track how I should do this whole process.  

I have 3 lists, New Hire, Task Descriptions and Tasks.  The Task Descriptions list has 2 columns, Title and New Hire Task Description, and is pre-populated with all tasks for IT and HR.  I have attached an image to show the 3 lists.

What I want to happen is when I add a new employee to the New Hire list a workflow starts that looks at every item in the Task Descriptions list and copies all these to the Tasks list.

I have two issues currently.

1.  I am trying to use the copy list item twice, once to copy all the IT Task Descriptions and another to copy all the HR Task Descriptions. This way I can easily add new items to the Task Descriptions list without having to edit the workflow. I have attached an image of my workflow and what the copy list item looks like. The issue is how can I keep looping through the Task Descriptions list until it doesn't find anymore with the value IT?

2.  The second issue is then once the items are copied from list 2 to list 3 then how do I copy the New Hire Name from list 1 to list 3 and make sure it matches up?

I have been doing lots of testing and beating my head against the wall so any help would be appreciated. Thanks for any help!
BlizzardMNAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help.  Using a combination of information you provided and those looping websites I have it working close to how I want.
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