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APEX: Accessing the the page URL in PL/SQL

I have an APEX app that I am wanting to have a procedure that handles the process errors, PL/SQL errors.
In the proc I am using OWA_UTIL.GET_CGI_ENV() to get env values.
I would like to get the URL of the page that has the process error.
How do I do that? or do you have error handling that may help.

Also, I take it I will have to use a PRAGMA AUTONOMOUS_TRANSACTION; to be able to send the email and then call raise_application_error() which rollsback.. doesn't it?

  ls_errmsg :='Get Browser Type';
  IF ls_browser_type LIKE '%Chrome%' THEN  
      ln_start:= instr(ls_browser_type,'Chrome/');
      ln_end  := instr(ls_browser_type,'Safari/');
      ls_browser_type := substr(ls_browser_type,ln_start,ln_end -ln_start);  
  ELSIF ls_browser_type LIKE '%MSIE 9.0%' THEN  
   ls_browser_type := 'Internet Explorer 9.0';  
  ELSIF ls_browser_type LIKE '%MSIE 8.0%' THEN  
   ls_browser_type := 'Internet Explorer 8.0';  
  ELSIF ls_browser_type LIKE '%MSIE 7.0%' THEN  
   ls_browser_type := 'Internet Explorer 7.0';  
  ELSIF ls_browser_type LIKE '%MSIE 6.0%' THEN  
   ls_browser_type := 'Internet Explorer 6.0';  
  ELSIF ls_browser_type LIKE '%Firefox/3%' THEN  
   ls_browser_type := 'Firefox v3.0';  
  ELSIF ls_browser_type LIKE '%Firefox/2%' THEN  
   ls_browser_type := 'Firefox v2.0';  
  ELSIF ls_browser_type LIKE '%Firefox/1%' THEN  
   ls_browser_type := 'Firefox v1.0';  
   ls_browser_type := 'UNKNOWN['||ls_browser_type||']';  
  END IF;  

  ls_errmsg :='Get HTTP_REFERER';

  ls_errmsg :='Get HTTP_CONTENT_LENGTH';

  ls_errmsg :='Get HTTP_HOST';

    lc_clob_loc := 'Passed ErrCode['||p_sqlcode||']'
          ||ls_newline||'ERROR: ['||p_errmsg||']'||ls_newline
    lb_continue:= APP_UTIL.SEND_MAIL(
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Is this process part of the login page or page zero?

I guess you just want to make sure that IE lower 8 is not used, since it most likely causes problems with the UI, right?

If so, then couldn't you just make your login button, password and user item conditional depending on the value of another page item (lets call it P101_Browser_Check), which applies your OWA_UTIL.GET_CGI_ENV() routine as source?

You could add a html region that is displayed or hidden depending on P101_Browser_Check.
If the browser version is detected as IE 7, IE 6 and so on then hide the login area and display the info area. Otherwise do it vice versa.

Maybe it's after all not at all what you want. But Apex offers quite good error handling at least in version 4.1.1. Thus, I don't know why you want to send emails with your sql error codes and respective URL.
bcarlisAuthor Commented:
no, this is a procedure in db schema that all others use for error handling.

RE: I don't know why you want to send emails with your sql error codes and respective URL.
At the time of error I want to receive an email with all the info possible... say can I access all the debug info at that time?
the url would give me app, page, args, etc
Hi. I just found this on OTN, which should work for you:

1. Create a new html region at the bottom of your page (page region depends on your template and theme you use).

2. Paste the following code into the html bottom region.

3. Replace MY_URL_ITEM with the page item's name.

<script type="text/javascript">
document.getElementById("MY_URL_ITEM").value = document.URL;

Open in new window

Now you can use your new Item in your code!

Hope it helps!



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