Streaming video using an apple

I have to buy a new computer to stream quality video over my network to about 35 computers on a daily basis.  I have a solution that would probably work using a PC but would an Apple be better?  I am using a video mixer so Apple would have to be able to accept a live video feed via RCA or S-video cable. I will be streaming the video to PC's.

FYI my network is robust enough to handle the network traffic.  

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mtsdemoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ive used wirecast in the past for this.

worked well for me.
Hi, try testing the Apple and the PC computer if it's in your budget. This would give you a better gauge.
jdolan2587Author Commented:
It would be great if I could test both but trying to avoid some trial and error. Really interested in seeing if anyone found success streaming using an apple.
jdolan2587Author Commented:
This looks awesome! I will have to try the free download.
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