java exploit

Is anone familar with this oracle/java exploit:

If so, does anyone have any clever ideas as to thwart against it until a patch is released. I have a large internet explorer environment and need help with ideas as to a makeshift countermeasure to protect against it. Thoughts?
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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
Least use Privilege is a good start, users should not be administrators of their machines. That step mitigates 90% of virus/malware effectiveness as well.
Other than that, currently there is a Java update you should push out, and 24hrs later someone created a way around that update, so you have to rely on your AV on the client or at a proxy level to stop them. Next to that you either disable Java, uninstall Java, or only allow java to be used/called for certain trusted sites. All of which are difficult to do if you do not have the tools or resources at hand. Having the users as non-admins from jump may save you 90% of the time (like here) but there are other exploits where you need to rely on other mitigation like AV or system settings.
DEFclubAuthor Commented:
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