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Outlook - SRS file locking

Hi everyone,

My problem is happening with multiple users on an Active Directory domain.
The Roaming profile is Redirected to the server, and has Offline Files enabled.

Every so often, I get a user telling me that they are not able to send or receive any email when they are outside of the internal network. (Computer set in Offline Mode)

When I get to their computer, I have a look at the dropdown in Outlook (2010) or Send/Receive settings in 2007. When the issue occurs, the list is either blank or I am unable to view the settings.

The cause is that the .srs file in the %appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook\ is the file is not available offline (it has a grey X on the file name in Windows 7)
I believe this is because the file is locked.

I have reconnected the network to get the server copy (VPN).
Then I open Outlook and everything works fine.
I will close Outlook while still connected to the network.
Disconnect the VPN and again it will not work.

I have tried to search on Google and EE for any similar issues, but am unable to find anything.

Appreciate your help.
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3 Solutions
Have you checked the permissions on that file?
Are the other files avaiable, if you are offline?
brendanmeyerAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the long wait.

The permissions on the file are correct.
And as far as I know, this is the only file that appears offline.
All the other redirected folders are working, and even other files in the %appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook folder are available offline.
Have you compared the file versions on the machine and in the server folder, where the files are redirected?
Are they identical (at least since last logon)=
Just to see if there is a sync problem.

Usually, profile files are offline anyway, nevertheless there is a policy which may change the behavour, which files are offline.

But as you said, you can open Outlook, but do not see contents (which ones exacly?), it looks like you work with outlook offline mode.
Make sure you download everything (especially the address book) in the send - recieve groups.

Also a try maybe to delete all offline files and to resync it on the machine.

Make sure, Outlook really closes, when you close it (task manager). Sometimes some applications keep Outlook open, nevertheless you closed it, it stays in the task manager.
This may happen, if other applications use the profile for something.
Just seen this sometimes, i.e with Office communicator, but not with the latest version.

I can not see any issues with the srs files, even I use Outlook at the same time with different profiles on different machines, even I open the same account on both machines.
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brendanmeyerAuthor Commented:
Sorry, to take so long to reply.

I can't open the local copy of the file because it says it isn't available. So I can't compare it.

The latest user to have this issue, the file wasn't locked on the server.

I checked Outlook is in online mode.

The Appdata folder is redirected to a DFS share.

I have made sure Outlook is completely closed.

I have done a Offline Files format, before, but after a week the issue has returned.

It is really weird that this is the only file that isn't available.

Thank you for your help.
Mmh, strange....
The next point I would check is the following....

Files may be blocked, if the DFS is under load and the file is not still replicated. You may have a look at DFS, is you have issues there.

The other thing is, you may try to completely remove the users outlook profile including the files in the Outlook profile folder. Make sure, DFS replicated the changes, so nothing exists anymore on all DFS servers...
Recreate the outlook profile and see, is the file is still blocked.
brendanmeyerAuthor Commented:
I couldnt see any issues with DFS.
I have also tried recreating the Outlook profile, and deleting the srs file multiple times.

Thank you for your help.

What I have done, is using Windows Shims, I am moving the srs file to the local drive, therefore not making it a part of the roaming/redirected profile.

Outlook recreates this file every time it is open, if it doesn't find an existing one.
brendanmeyerAuthor Commented:
using a workaround instead of resolving the issue.

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