NTFS file time stamp

I am not sure what the accessed means on the file property.

Created - it's clear to me that when the file was created.
Modified - it's when I edit the text
Accessed - ? not sure. I have opened the file and even tried to place it on diffrent folder it seems the time still remains. Also I tried to scanned with antivirus, the time remains. Please advice.

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SHBConnect With a Mentor Storage Network SpecialistCommented:
The last accessed attribute is disabled by default in Windows 7

To enable, check the following post

SHBStorage Network SpecialistCommented:
When a file is modified, modified and last accessed date is set to the same value.
And if the file is only opened for viewing, copying or moving the last accessed date is changed
okamonAuthor Commented:
as I mentioned in my original post, the accessed time didn't even change. This is why I didn't understand
okamonAuthor Commented:
according to the article, it seems the accessed time stamp it's disabled by microsoft by default?!!
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