Lost all associations, eveything shows as a .INK in a RDS profile.

Hi Guys,

One of our client have somehow managed to Loose all associations within a terminal session.
Litterally cannot open anything with a .exe.
Iv recreated her profile within AD and the issue is still there.
I realy dont want to have to make her a whole new account then re attach the mailbox as she is overseas and cannot contact her (but she still needs email).
Iv used a reg fix i found on her local profile on laptop and that has fixed the laptop.
When iv tried withtin the TS it has no effect.

Any idea's?

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stellarsystemsAuthor Commented:
Removing the usewrs registry keys when logged in as admin on the TS seemede to have worked.

Remove HKEY_USERS - users key.
Remove HKEY_LOCAL_MACHIEN - users key.
Rename profile.
Log in as user to TS.
And copy data from old profile to new profile.

99.9% sure it was not a virus as the user was intentionally trying to change a file extension however she obviosly did it wrong lol.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Having file associations change is a sure sign of an infection and the fact that it happened at her end demands that her system be addressed first.
If she is running XP, you're in deep kimchi; but, if it is Vista or 7 performing a system restore to before she was infected has an 80% chance of fixing things.  It is best done by booting to the install DVD, then choosing Repair my computer; but, if that is not possible, have her tap F8 repeatedly while the Dell/HP/Gateway/(etc.) logo is on the screen to get the starup menu.  Choose Repair my computer, choose the correct language, her login name (and password).  Then, when the menu appaears, choose the second item, Restore My Computer ...  Make sure you pick a restore point which says Windows Update; they are the most complete.
Pray a little and have her do an antivirus update then a full scan if it seems better.

On your end, have you tried logging in as her?  If that is gescrewdefay, you'd be crazy not to delete her entirely and only recrete a new user after her machine is clean.

Don't underestimate the cybercriminals.  Currently, they rake in 220 Billion US dollars per year and they're not stupid.
stellarsystemsAuthor Commented:
it works
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