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Need to copy my Mac Data via Ubuntu or Knoppix, for resueing my data

Hi @ all,

my Mac Air does not boot up, errors on the hard drive, not physically, but filesystem.

Diskwarrior does not work.

When I boot with Knoppix, I can see the hard disk and I can see the data, but I can not access it directly as I do not have the permission on my private folder.

How can I access my data, or also fix the errors within the filesystem?
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I suggest, rather than trying with Knoppix, use the PartedMagic LiveCD instead. It is more suited for such tasks. Try mounting the partitions once it is up and running, and you may be able to copy the data to a USB device or network share:

dr-goebelAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I will try, which tool can I use to copy data?
Do I need to perform special tasks, as I can normally not access my users directory due to permissions....
There is a mount utility in the taskbar. Just use that and you can select which devices you want to mount. After that the file-manager will open and you should just be able to copy from one location to another. If though you have been using encryption on your MAC file-system you may not be able to do much. In that case, provided you have a backup somewhere of your encryption keys, you might be able to get access by setting up your MAC OS on another HD, connecting the failed disk to that as a 2nd or external disk, and then importing the keys to your new installation. But as I'm not a MAC user I wouldn't know how that would be done. If you don't have the keys, there probably isn't any chance of recovering the data.
From within Knoppix, and as root, change the permissions of the  of folder containing your data.

chmod -R 777 /Private  ( or whatever the folder is )

install dropbox.  https://www.dropbox.com/    on the Knoppix

move the data into dropbox.

install dropbox on a working mac, and login with the same credentials .

Acces your files.

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