moving citrix database from old server to new server

we are in plan to move all the citrix DB (Citrix Data Store, Edgesight Data Store, Configuration DB, Resource Manager DB) need help to proceed. What will happen when data store goes down for 3 hour. Need help to move the citrix DB's from old server to new server.
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Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerAsked:
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basrajConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To answer what happens for 3 hours- User can still connect and access the apps, but xenapp administrative things may impact like publishing apps etc. Yes, you can always backup your datastore and xml config files of WI and follow the safest steps as suggested by mutawadi. In a worst scenario, as long as there is backup of databases, you can bring them live. Once databases are moved, make sure to use dsmaint config command to configure database credentials if they r changed.
what version of Citrix you are using and the datastore is hosted on which Database ?
Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerAuthor Commented:
PS 4.5 & Xenapp 6.5, Edgesight 5.4
SQL 2008 to SQL 2008 or may be 2012
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Jayanta SarmahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well there is no impact as long as operations are concern , I am sure you are aware the servers will be providing sessions and operations will be from LHC, Please reffer the below article for details , this should give you all that you need:

Hope this helps ..
Robin CMConnect With a Mentor Senior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Note that XenApp 6.5 does not support SQL Server 2012, the highest you can use is SQL Server 2008 R2.
Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerAuthor Commented:
o, how about edgesight DB? what steps need to follow?
Ayman BakrConnect With a Mentor Senior ConsultantCommented:
We have moved our datastore from W2K3 SQL 2005 to W2K8 R2 2008 last year for XenApp 5 environment. The successful move implementation involved the following steps:

1. New server VM was created and given the same name as the old server; albeit was not joined to the domain and was isolated from the network

2. DataStore was backed up from the old server by our DB

3. During the maintenance window all the XenApp environment was brought down.

4.. During the maintenance window, the old server was brought down and the new server joined to the domain and brough back to the network. It was given the IP of the old VM (just to be on the safe side, the MAC of the old VM was also given to the new one - though I don't think that would be necessary as the XenApps connect to the datastore using the name/IP of the server and exact DB instance name)

5. The backup was restored onto the new VM; the DB had to do some post restoration cleanup/config (I am not sure what these were)

6. The XenApp environment was brought up

7. XenApp servers/Data Collectors were tested to successfully connect to the new DataStore.

I know that we might have taken very extreme caution where some steps might have not been necessary; however it is always good to ensure a plan B - backup plan. This way if the connection was not successful to the new SQL, we would have brought the new SQL down and brought back up the old SQL VM.
Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerAuthor Commented:
How about edgesight \ config DB's
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Unfortunately, my experience was only on datastore database migration. Hopefully somebody would give a valuable contribution on Edgesight DB migration.
Dirk KotteConnect With a Mentor SECommented:
mostly i move the PS/XenApp-DS without a full downtime..
follow these steps:
- create a new empty databes at the new SQL-Server
- goto a XenApp server without users connected
- copy the mf20.dsn file to mf20new.dsn
- edit the new file to pointing to the new SQL-server
- use dsmaint migrate (old-dsn -> new-dsn) to copy the database
- shutdown the IMA-service
- use dsmaint config (new-dsn) to bring the server to the new dataStore
- use dsmaint recreatelhc & dsmaint recreaterade, restart the server
- test the function

at this point you have a split configuration but the servers think they are within the same farm
with qfarm /online you should see all servers online but you should not make changes within the farm-config because some servers have no knowledge of this changes
users should start connecting to this migrated server

- now you can take the next server(s) one after another , remove users, shutdown IMA, change the mf20.dsn content, dsmaint configure, - use dsmaint recreate..., restart , test - OK
... or start the downtime here - from this point i need 30min to reconfigure 30 servers if no users connected
Dirk KotteConnect With a Mentor SECommented:
moving the edgesight databes are successfull for me following these article:
How to Migrate the EdgeSight Server and Database to a New or Different System
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