Apple iPhone 3G - ring tone hardly audible

I just  posted another apple Q but thought I woudl post this as a separate Q so as to be fair to the Gurus on points.  Hope I am doing the right thing.

I have an Apple iPhone 3G and I just unlocked it and inserted a new SIM card from StraightTalk.  It was working fine for a few days,  But now the ringing is hardly audible.  I have put the sound to the loudest possible, and I can hear music loud and clear.  FYI I use an ear plug to hear to music and to answer the incoming calls.

What settings do I adjust to make the ringing tone louder.  Hope u could give me the steps.
Thank u.
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oneononecompConnect With a Mentor Commented:
jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
In response to oneononecomp, I salute u for your knowledge on this Apple iPhone technology.  Even after more than 1 year I am still as novice as before.  
I use the earphone, and I play the MP3 songs, and when a call comes in I can hear it ring.  But when I look at the iPhone, it gives me the option to
Answer or Decline.  Shouldn't the incoming call be answered automatically - how can I do this?
When I take out the ear phone, and when the incoming call comes in, it does not ring even though the sound is at its loudest, and the same menu i.e. to Answer or Decline.
I checked the Notifications and it is set to ON.
If u or members wish I could, put this in a new Q.
jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
thank u for the solution.
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