Corrupt ilo display / unable to update Proliant BLC460c G5 ilo 2 firmware

I have recently become responsible for a blade enclosure filled with BLC460c blades.
I have one which I am struggling to access via ilo 2. I need to rebuild this from an ISO image, which is how I discovered this problem.

When I bring up the remote console and power up the server, the display is corrupted and I'm not able to see the display properly.

This article seems close to my problem although for me it's evenly spaced green bars all the way through the display.

I attempted a firmware upgrade as the above article says. The current version is 2.05. The latest 2.09. I am able to upload the firmware, I see it progress through flashing, and the ilo appears to reset. The firmware version stays the same and the log shows "Firmware upgrade via web page failed". I have also tried with the previous version, 2.07. The server has been pulled and reseated.

I suspect this might be a hardware issue, but I'm new to working with Proliant servers.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you make a bootable USB stick with the firmware CD on it it will detect that it is a blade connected and automatically update the firmware without user intervention so you can get away without screen and keyboard/mouse. Just leave it with the stick in for 20 minutes. After the first upgrade it goes around and around in a reboot loop but that doesn't matter as it detects firmware is at latest second time around. You should see it rebooting anyway from the LEDs. Connect it through the SUV cable at the front (Serial/USB/Video). to make bootable USB key, or you could use USB CD drive instead of boot stick.

Or you could copy the .ISO of the firmware CD on a stick, plug it into the OA and map it that way although it leverages the iLO so may not work.
sharjeel ashrafSenior Network EngineerCommented:
have you tried another slot in the enclosure, also remove any additional cards in the blade, i.e. NIC or Fiber cards.

the problem you are showing could be a motherboard fault on the blade itself, i have had issues with iLo messing up and the M/B needs to be replaced.  check with HP if you have any warranty left.

how many BLC460C blades do you have, when you are in the onboard administrator screen do all the blades have the same firmware, if so try to upgrade using the same process on another blade.
Try this method of updatingthe iLO, if it doesn't work then probably system board as mentioned above plus on the article you posted.
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computerhellAuthor Commented:
There aren't any additional cards in this one.
I've just upgraded another in the same enclosure without any problems.
The enlcosure is full, I can't take anything else offline at the moment to try a different slot.

I think there may be another option but I'm not sure, having not done it before. I have a Proliant Service Pack ISO and a bootable usb of the same which I understand will upgrade the ilo as well as everything else. I also have a KVM type cable that plugs in the front of the blades. When the ilo upgrade failed I was going to try applying the service pack, but as I can't see anything through the ilo I couldn't do that either. If I could get a monitor, keyboard, and usb drive connected directly to the blade perhaps upgrading from a boot usb would work.

Any thoughts on that? I'm not sure it's even possible.

This is under a support contract at the moment, but I'd expect them to want to exhaust all options for upgrading the fw first. Maybe if it won't take the upgrade I should just put a call in.

sharjeel ashrafConnect With a Mentor Senior Network EngineerCommented:
the SUV cable is used when the iLo doesnt work or you can not connect to the blade.

the above option will work, but with no output its difficult to tell how the bios has been configured. i would plug the SUV cable in and at least a monitor when doing the above, at least you can see if it boots from the USB stick or not, then look at putting keyboard and mouse and CD drive etc afterwards.
computerhellAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the good advice. I haven't had chance to visit and upgrade from the SUV. I think this will be a hardware fault, which will be confirmed if the SUV method doesn't work.
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