Windows 7 Disk Defrag Question

My end users can not run disk defrag in windows 7 if they are anything except admins (which we do not want to allow for obvious reasons).  

When users have anything but admin rights the defrag will not run. I went in and set the permission for "Users" and "Everyone" to Full control and this does not work either. I also went into properties for the Defrag and hit the compatibility tab to set the "Run this program as an administrator" to active and everything is greyed out. I even tried this on a system that was never on our network and took our group policy.
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Lior KarasentiCommented:
From Tech net:

Based on my research, there is no way to grant a non-administrator the right to run defragmenter, but Disk Defragmenter is set to run on an automatic schedule by default in Windows 7.
I could be wrong, but I believe by default, Win7 has a task for this.
If you look in the task scheduler under microsoft/windows/defrag.

Not that it fixes your issue, but more that you might not need it.
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Lotus30306Author Commented:
We dont use group policies and would like to put the fix on our image rolled out to new users.  Any way to make it run if you are not an admin?  Scheduling does not make it run.
True, but if you MUST make it this time, use the admin account.  The rest of the time its on schedule... I dont believe theres a need of emergency in a defrag.  But thats me..
Lotus30306Author Commented:
Is anyone out there scheduling automated disk defrags with windows 7 without using gpos and without having your end using be admins?
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