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Rsync class files from AIX to windows

I have a directory on AIX where I ftp out the java (from windows box) and compile the  java using the shell scripts. I am trying to rsync .class files back to the windows.
The problem here is when I rsync I get all the class files on the AIX on the folder at that point of time.

But I wanted to know if there is a way to only get the class files for the java ftped out recently. Say I ftped 4 java files on to the AIX box and compiled them. I only want to get those 4 class files to the windows box.
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if you have ssh running on the AIX system you can use pscp from the Putty suite and copy them off using something like the following from the windows system;

<assumes pscp is in the search path or in c:\!!>
c:\> pscp root@aixhost:/path/to/file .

you can do recursive copies using -r (I think)
Do you have Delta Copy or Cygwin / cwRsync installed and running on the Windows box?

If not there's nothing for the AIX rsync client to talk to, on your Windows box.

Also worth a look: http://winsupport.org/utilities/iwrs.html
raaj4354Author Commented:
I wanted to do the above rsync as part of automation process through my CI tool.


I have cygwin and rsync installed on the windows side.
what you are trying to achieve is a little unclear to me, but nevertheless

-> rsync cannot copy files more recent than whatever as far as i know

-> rsync can be provided with a list of files to copy instead of a directory

-> the find command can easily extract all the files more recent than a given date and it's output can be fed to rsync or any other file transfer daemon. obviously, if your rsyncs are initiated on the windows side, you will have to programatically logon the AIX in order to perform the find command

many other ways can be throught of including using a script that will hardlink the needed files into a separate directory (and unlink the older ones). obviously a plain rsync in this directory would work
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