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Script to export reg settings per user


I need to export some user side reg setting for each user in an enviroment before we move to a new system. I'm using a windows 2003 TS server.

I created a quick batch file that creates a folder in a share for each user and then exports the required reg values from there HKEY_Current_USER\Software\xxx

this all works file for an admin who has rights over the registry however users who dont cant use the export reg command. Is there anyway i can script this so users can have admin right but still export from there own reg hive and then be lowered back to normal users.

or is there a better way of doing it all together ?

2 Solutions
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Registry is a very sensitive thing and if some user plays and break all headache is yours ..... so why not take a bit pain but get the data yourself. Think about it and i would recommend take a bit longer but safer route :)

EMCO Remote Registry Exporter - Overview

- Rancy
Please post your batch file so we can evaluate it.
Z1ggyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your replys i managed to get this to work by using a vb script to raise the user to admin and run the batch file then it lowers them again at login.

thanks for the input

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