Create a Dual Calendar Invitation

I am setting up a Calendar invite with two date options.  I don't want to send out two individual email request or calendar invites.  How can I accomplish this task with one invite or email send out two different times and dates where the invites can choose one or the other.  I am working in Outlook 2010
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Patrick MatthewsCommented:
Another way to do it:

1) Create your meetings/appointments

2) Go to Calendar view in Outlook

3) Holding down the Ctrl key, select your items

4) Right-click and select Forward from the popup menu
Patrick MatthewsCommented:
One way:

1) Create your two appointments/meetings on your calendar
2) Save each appointment/meeting to an external iCalendar file (*.ics) on your desktop
3) Create an email, and add those *ics files to your email as attachments, and send to your people
mcthomas00Author Commented:
This procedure I know, there isn't a feature in Outlook that performs this task?
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