Windows, How to set the session to never time out

In WIndows 7

How do I set the session to never time out

What path should I take
Los Angeles1Asked:
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Sushil SonawaneCommented:
Go to Control Panel>Change view to small icons>about half way down click power options>change plan settins (on the one your using)>set both to never (screen and sleep)
Are you talking about the screensaver kicking on?

Right Click on the Desktop -> Personalize -> Screensaver
If you are referring to it going to sleep and/or requiring a password. From the same screen IT_Crowd mentioned you can click on "Change power settings".

Between the "Change plan settings" and the links in the sidebar on the left you can change whether or not a password is required when it wakes up, how long it takes to go to sleep, how long to turn off the monitor. From most of those screens you can go one step further by clicking on "change advanced power settings", which gives you a few more options.

If you want to disable hibernation here is a good tutorial:
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