.net and .biz web extensions not working

We have several web extensions for our web site. You can hit our web site with the .com extension with no issues, But the .net and .biz do not resolve.
We host our website and the name server.
In our Network Solutions domain config, we have the .net set to go to our ns1 and ns2 addresses.
IIS is configured to have the .net as a Identity.
Our DNS has the .com domain defined. Do I need a .net also?
My understanding was that if I setup the .net domain to forward to the .com from Network solutions, it should work. Could be I am having a brain fart, so I posting here...hahaha

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You should set your Name Server to point your webserver IP to the .net and .biz domain too, or set the .net and .biz as an alias to your main server.

vbcosupportAuthor Commented:

its working....

silly me...ahaha
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