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I presently have Adobe acrobat PRO and I wanted to someone default the viewing size of any document I open to say...about 90%.  How can I do this?

I have Adobe X running on a Windows XP sp3 system.
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Seaton007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is the process for version X:
1. Go to EditPreferences
2.  Under Categories click on Page Display
3. Under Default Layout and Zoom change the Zoom option to the value you want (you can select one of the predetermined values, or you can type in a value like 90%).
4. Click OK
Default Zoom Setting
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
The previous two comments show two different things:

- oneononecomp shows how to set the "initial view" of a document - this means that when this document is opened, it will open with the selected zoom factor.

- Seaton007 shows how to set the default for Acrobat that is used when a document that does not have an initial view zoom level designed is opened.

You cannot override the zoom level for a document that has an initial view zoom level defined with the Acrobat preferences.

To always use a custom zoom level - regardless of what is defined in a document - you would need an Acrobat plug-in that can subscribe to the "a document did open" event, and then set the zoom level for that just opened document. Not an easy task, and probably not worth the time and/or money you would have to spend.
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