How can i create practice lab for Veritas volume manager.

Hello experts,

How can i practice Veritas volume manager?

I have Solaris 10 virtual machine

What all is required to set up Volume manager and practice it.

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skullnobrainsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i believe most of the new solaris systems that have been installed recently use ZFS. it is stable, performs decently, and is very richly featured (espetially as it does not need to partition its raid units so you can build a raid without waiting, use different disk sizes, and even add extra-space in production, like with the veritas volume manager, except that it actually works properly in ZFS).

also making a test lab is very easy since ZFS will use mostly anything as a device including a file and even a file hosted on another zfs filesystem

if you want advice on a choice of managers, please give us information regarding what you want to do with the machine

back to the topic, if you want a test lab,
- give at least 4 disks to the VM + the one the OS is installed on since you probably do not want to play with the OS before you are good with the file manager
- play with it as much as you want to
ashwin2012Author Commented:
Host operating sys. for vmware is windows 7
yuzhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please have a look at the following page:

BTW, why do you want to use the 3rd party Veritas volume manager? There is a native Solaris Volume Manager since Solaris 9.

For Solaris 10 or newer you can use ZFS:
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ashwin2012Author Commented:
Thanks Yuzh,

Any idea what is more popular is market SVM or Veritas Volume manager?
What would be best to consider for future prospects?
For Solaris SVM is more popular, itis part of the Solaris OS since Solaris 9. and Veritas volume manager is the 3rd party application.

Please have a look at the folowing links:

It is good to know both SVM and VVM, in the old day (Solaris 8 or older), more people use VVM.
since you ask about SVM vs veritas, i'd like to add this 2 cents :
- SVM is complicated to use to say the least
- veritas volume manager is both complicated, and non free

on the other hand, solaris is bundled with ZFS which contains a volume manager that is more advanced than anything, easy to use (without any possible comparison with anything else), very richly featured, stable, compatible with other OSes....

why the hell would you use anything else. unless you already have a veritas vm somewhere and need a test lab, in which case i assume you would not ask about SVM, you really should consider ZFS
ashwin2012Author Commented:
but i dont see zfs being used at present in most of the corporates and i guess it will take time to come to the market. correct me if i am wrong.

thank you.
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