Sync Outlook Contacts with ASUS Tablet Prime -ICS

I am unable to sync my tablet (ASUS Prime) with Outlook Contacts.  Running Ice Cream on the tablet, Office 2010 Outlook on Win 7 32 Bit OS.

Most articles I have read indicate I have to get the Tablet to recognize the PC - however I have been unable to find out to communicate with the PC from the tablet environment.

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Normally, you would have to save a .nk2 files to get the contacts on another computer, but since this is another type of operating system, you have to go about this differently.

Cost $20 USD but works for gmail, outlook, etc. Another alternative might be to just save all contacts manually on your android device by emailing all individually, so that your tablet saves them in its own files.
Wildbi11Author Commented:
Thanks for the link.  This tablet is quit different and less intuitive than most computers I have come up against.  The manual is not as user friendly as many computer manuals.  It seems the easiest and least of things I want to do requires intensive research.  Going from the PC world to the tablet world is a new twist.  I appreciate the simple explanation you gave why a simple save through the OS is not possible.  However, the ASUS manual makes it appear the OS sync software is just a point and click solution.

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