Outlook custom contact form needs multiple check address buttons

One of the requirements of a custom contact form we need is the ability to change each available address field separate by the press of a button that displays separate inputs for street, city, state, zip, country.  While I see there is in field selector for up to 8 different phone numbers and each of the 3 email fields comes with a button to select from contact list, it seems that the only address button I see is for the selected address and not for each individual ones we're trying to display on same for.

I also see that I can create custom fields and was wondering if there is some way that I can achieve similarly to the "Check Address..." button but for the separate Business Address, Home Address & Other Address section as well?

On a more advanced level, when looking at the "Address..." button, I would think in Visual Studio terms that I can see how the event works for when clicked, and believing it would popup a window showing the 5 essential address fields, then on a click of OK or Cancel to update the Address box.  What way can I accomplish this for each separate Business Address, Home Address & Other Address fields?
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Richard DanekeConnect With a Mentor TrainerCommented:
The Outlook address box default form does permit the selection of address type and, when data is omitted, the check address... window will open.  This methods provides a flexible data entry option for the operator and enforces some degree of compliance.

Using the Developer tab in Outlook, one can redesign the form and add separate fields for each of the values.  One might like to group the phone numbers, email addresses, etc. with the street addresses.   This can be done by redesigning the existing form and/or by adding a new tab on the contact form.

This would not involve VisualBasic nor scripting.  Just layout changes from the Outlook developer tab.
accucomAuthor Commented:
Hopefully it will work where in attached screenshot image if what I indicated in a red oval will also work with the labels I indicated with a green oval.
accucomAuthor Commented:
At this time this question is no longer as important as I need to move on to another important question.
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