How to Delete a Recovery Point in Computer Associates Arcserve D2D

We have CA Arcserve D2D r16 installed on a Server 2008 R2 box.  We were testing and manually creating backups which we don't need.  The backups are large and are taking up a lot of space.

I don't see a way to remove the recovery point using the user interface, so that the database of D2D recovery points remains valid.
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dakota5Author Commented:
Per Computer Associates support, there is no way to manually remove a recovery point.  Microsoft Data Protection Manager (referred to in the answer provided above) does not interact with CA D2D recovery points.

The options are to reduce the number of maintained recovery points and let the automated processes delete extra recovery points; or to move the assigned backup directory so that after the next series of backups, the original backups will be removed.
dakota5Author Commented:
The suggestion from provided by the participating expert is not correct, per Computer Associates support.  I have noted the answer that Computer Associates has provided.
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