Certificates needed for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services


I´m setting up a rather typical RDS 2008R2 farm; with two Connection Brokers and 10 Session Host servers. I´ve created the first Remote App and published it on the RDWeb website on the session host servers. It is signed with the company wildcard certificate which is also used all over the server farm.

Now everything works fine except for users being prompted twice for credentials, first when they access the RDWEB page, lets call it: erp.company.com and then again from the session host server they get directed to, ie. host1.company.local or host2.company.local.

I´ve read a number of articles on how to configure this but I´m still to find the "one and only" way it should be done - maybe I´m missing something obvious.

Can someone shead a light on this for me - can I use my wildcard certificate at all or do I maybe need a SAN certificate that includes both the .com and the .local names and FQDN´s ?

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ossurhfAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but I´ve actually followed this article already and cant understand what I´m doing wrong.

The symptoms might indicate Rdweb is running in Windows Intergrated Mode which it isn´t. I´m using a well known commercial certificate vendor for my wildcard certificate but I am thinking maybe a SAN certificate is required ?

I dont get any errors logging into https://rds.company.com. When I launch a remoteapp from the webpage I get prompted for credentials from server1.domain.local.
ossurhfAuthor Commented:
Installing a SAN certificate did the trick.
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