Require quick way of attaching same file to certain emails

I am running Outlook 2010 and whenever I send an order need to also attach the terms & condistions file.  This is the same Word document.  Is there a quick way for me to do this as opposed to having to manually select it every time?  Ideally a button to attach it or launch a new message with the file already attached.
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apache09Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Was having a rethink, look around and a bit of testing
Code and VBA not really my thing but....

If you want a button you can use a bit of VBA Code

Open Outlook
Press Alt+F11

This will open MS VB For Applications

Right CLick on Project1

Now Expand Modules
Double CLick on Module 1

Paste in

Sub AddAttachment()
 Dim myItem As Outlook.MailItem
 Dim myAttachments As Outlook.Attachments
 Set myItem = Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)
 Set myAttachments = myItem.Attachments
 myAttachments.Add "C:\DocumentName.doc"
 myAttachments.Add "C:\DocumentName2.doc"
End Sub

C:\DocumentName is the name/location of the frequently attached Item
C:\DocumentName2 is an additional line added for multiple attachemnts
If not required Delete DocumentName2

If more required copy the line and modify the location

Now Select File>Save

CLose and reopen OUtlook
GO to
File>Options>Trust Centre>Trust Centre Settings

Macro Settings

Set macros to always all
or Notifications for all macros


Now Open OUtlook
Right CLick in the Ribbon
Choose Customize Ribbon

IN the Right Window Box, click on Developer Tab
Apply Okay

Now when you open Outlook
Select the Devloper Tab, Select Macros, and the VBA Project

This will create a new email and add the attachment(s)

And now for the Downside.
This code wont work if your wanting to add attachment to an email already created using
Send To option from another application

As it creates a new mail item with the attached files
You may be able to modify the VBA above to get it to add to the current item...Perhaps a bit of googleing will help

Also note that when sending attachments via other apps, this doesnt really use outlook per say but a simple mail service called MAPIMAIL

Being so Modifications may be required in the code to include MAPIMAIL Servcie

Also note the above is just a basic quick example of how you can acheive your goal using a button in outlook.

That particular example, if used
Can be used from the Main Ribbon in OUtlook to create a New Email with the attachments
Once Created, add the Recipients and Body as required

Creating a New Email
Adding the body and recipients
Then adding the attachments wont work as it will just create another new email with the attachments

So agin, if wanting to add to currently created emails, may need to look for a bit of modification on the VBA

Will see what I can find, but you or other may be able to find it faster, if possible
Sure is

Open a blank email

Once open attach the Document

Enter as much reppetitive info as you can
Even Email address that may be used over and over again

Now go to File, Save As
Save it as an outlook Template
Save it do desktop, or desired location

Ideally somwhere thats quick to access

Then when you want to use it
Simply Double Click on it to open

Add the cutom details or any required info and addresses
then send

You can use the template over and over again

If anything changes, simply modify the template and re-save
canuckconsultingAuthor Commented:
This works great!  One of our users has a problem though as the email he creates originates from another program.  So this other program pops up a new email not giving the user the chance to select the template.  Is there away on this new email to add a button which will add the attachment?
canuckconsultingAuthor Commented:
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