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I have a website that i cannot access any longer.
it appears that there is a glitch at the login point,
Normally it takes a user name and a password.
But it will no longer accept the two words that we have used for the last three years.
Clearly someone has either hacked into the site or a fault has developed.
A fault did occur about four years ago and the developer fixed it.
Now I cannot contact him because he has left and I have no way of tracing him.
The site is written in Joomla and I have complete ftp access to the server side.
Not being a developer I do not know where to start.
All the admin files are in php.
This is very important and urgent to me.
Can someone please give me guidance and/or suggest what I might do.
I have been involved with computers for a long time but not as a programmer or developer.
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Ray PaseurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might want to consider hiring a professional to help with this. It may not be the sort of thing that can get fixed over a forum like EE, and in respect for your time, a developer will probably get you results quickly.
user_nConnect With a Mentor Commented:
w3school gives a very good tutorial to html and examples gives information and examples
You have to annalize your login page. Usually there is a form and an action parameter in it, in which indicates where the login information will be processed.
digiselAuthor Commented:
thanks.  but i am no further forward.  is there any other help that can be given please
Can you give link to the login page?
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