Windows 7 Scripted Weekly Reboot

We loved Windows 7 at our office.  It works flawlessly--that is a double edge sword.

We check the uptime and it is 14, 20, 30+ days without a reboot.  Then we have to spend 10 minutes doing a reboot during the day wasting good productive time.

What is the best way to setup a script to give the computer a quick reboot every few days?
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BillBondoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Didnt try it myself, but create a shutdown.exe /r shortcut and add it to a scheduled task. Run it once a week.
Create a scheduled task to run (weekly) the following command:

shutdown -r

Open in new window

I'd put this command in a batch file on store it on the C:\ drive of all of your computers. Then have your scheduled task execute that batch file at a day and time of your liking.
You could also use the following information instead of making a batch file.
Create a Basic Task
Tried my idea and would need a bat to call the shutdown cmd as IT_Crowd mentions
You can also create a batch script using same command which can also creates logs.

@echo off
Start shutdown -r -t 60 -f
echo %date%, %time%, %computername%, Restart, >> Restart_Logs.csv
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