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I would like to replicate GP's manual vendor drop ship process using econnect.  Questions below.

STEP 1.  Enter Order.  Already doing this with econnect.

STEP 2. Purchase.  I can create a drop ship PO with econnect.  Can it be linked to the SOP order with econnect?

STEP 3. Invoice Vendor.  Is this possible from econnect?

STEP 4. Transfer Customer Order to Customer Invoice.  Is this possible from econnect?  Or would I need to delete the order and insert a new invoice with econnect?

STEP 5.  Post the Customer Invoice.  Is this possible from econnect?

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Steve EndowMicrosoft MVP - Dynamics GPCommented:
Hi William,

Step 2:  eConnect supports POP/SOP linking through the taSopToPopLink under the SOPTransactionType.  Based on my understanding of how it works, the big caveat with this approach is that eConnect creates a NEW purchase order for the ENTIRE sales order.  You cannot link a sales order, or individual sales order lines, to an existing PO or existing PO lines.  And there may be other limitations as well--for example, I don't know if it can create a drop ship PO.  I haven't used taSopToPopLink, as my customer that uses linking only needs to link some lines on an order to POs, and uses a mix of standard POs and drop ship POs for the same sales order.  I'm going to have to develop a custom linking solution for them.

Step 3:  What do you mean by "invoice vendor"?  Do you want to send an invoice to your vendor?  Or receive the invoice from a vendor?  You can import either a vendor purchasing invoice or a payables voucher via eConnect.

Step 4:  Transfer Order to Invoice.  This is not possible using eConnect.  Dynamics GP does not currently have an API for doing transfers and has no option to automate the transfer of orders.  But, there are a few third party solutions.  Blue Moon Industries has SOP Auto Invoice that appears to be very capable, but I was recently told it is "very expensive" (I don't know the price).  Envisage Software Solutions makes Post Master Standard, which can be customized to automate SOP transfers.

Step 5:  Post Invoices.  This is not possible using eConnect.  Again, there is no API or automation for posting.  But both the Blue Moon and Envisage Software solutions can post invoice batches.


Full disclosure, I resell Post Master for Dynamics GP.

Let me know if this answers your questions and if you have any follow ups.


Steve Endow
Dynamics GP Certified Trainer
Dynamics GP Certified IT Professional
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