VMWare, Machine consused by NIC's

I have the following network configuration from
   hosts->Confgiuration tab->Networking

   VMNetwork              vmnic0    1GB
   vmKernel Port
     Management Network

   VMNetwork              vmnic2    10GB

   VMNetwork              vmnic3    10GB

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This appears to me like CLIENT6 and CLIENT7 are assigned to 10 GB NIC's, as I wanted

Client6 and 7 are both Windows machines, and when I go to the
Task Mgr->Networking on both machines it reports the follwing

Local Area Connection    0%   1GB  Connected

There are no other defined connections listed in the Task Mgr

So VMWare thinks the NIC is 10GB and Windows thinks its a 1GB., and hits 99 percent in some circumstances

I tried to remedy this by installing vmtools and then performed a reboot, but I still have the same problem  

BTW, I have this working with the same NIC's and same machine on another machine with the exact same configuration

How can I dianose this
Los Angeles1Asked:
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)Connect With a Mentor VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Virtual Machines can us different virtual Nics

1. Legacy e1000 based on OS selection
2. AMD PC Net32 or flexible based on OS Selection

it isvrecommended to use the VMXNET because this performs better and causes less overhead, but you must install vmware tools for support.

10Gb is supported by the VMXNET3 interface.

To get your VM to see a 10Gb NIC delete the e1000 and Add a New VMXNET3, Edit VM Settings, Add Network Interface VMXNET3, just ensure vmware tools is installed
MikeIT ManagerCommented:
WIndows will only recognized the NIC as an Intel Pro 1000MT which is a gigabit NIC, so it will only show as 1GB
Los Angeles1Author Commented:
I have 2 machines with the same hardware, Westmere EP with 2 Broadcom NetXTreme 10GB

On the First machine (the one that easily uses 10GB), Windows reports (from Networking-Local Area COnnection-Details)

   Description:  vmnet3 Ehtnernet adapter

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On the Second machine (the one that can only use 1GB), Windows reports (from Networking-Local Area COnnection-Details)

   Description:  Intel Pro 1000MT

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How can I get the second machine to 'see' what the first machine does ?
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