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mikrotik email

I have a backup i want to email to me weekly. the backup works perfectly but when the sripts tries to email me it gets cannot connect to the server. I sent a test email from the email tools and it came through. here are the settings in my email tool. I am using gmail so the port has to be 587 and tls has to be used.

      port: 587
  starttls: yes
      from: mikrotik@coffeyville.edu
      user: mikrotik@coffeyville.edu
  password: #########

Here is my script:

:log info "backup beginning now"
:global backupfile ([/system identity get name] . "-" . [/system clock get time])
/system backup save name=$backupfile
:log info "backup pausing for 10s"
:delay 10s
:log info "backup being emailed"
/tool e-mail send to="jeremyr@coffeyville.edu" subject=([/system identity get name] . \
" Backup") from=mikrotik@coffeyville.edu file=$backupfile server=
:log info "backup finished"

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I have done this before but not using gmail. I have googled the issue and found several sites where they have addressed the issue but nothing is working for me. any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
1 Solution
CCC-RavensAuthor Commented:
I found my problem i had a server ip I didn't need (server= removed that and all is well!

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