Create pivot table in excel 2007 from query in access 2007

I want to create a pivot table in excel 2007 from a query that uses other queries and tables to run in access 2007 as well as have the ability to update the pivot table if the query data has changed without recreating the pivot table each time the query data changes. I tried the following, but my query isn't listed.

In Excel, on the Data tab, click From Access
Select your database, click Open
Select the query, click OK
Select PivotTable report, click OK
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SteveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In Excel
data tab > 
from other sources > 
MS Query > 
Access Database (take the time to turn off the use wizzard tick box)
Select database
In builder turn off auto caculate
Select the query you want
File > Return data to excel
As pivot table.
Barbara69Author Commented:
I've done that. How do I refresh the pivot table from time to time when the query data changes?
Barbara69Author Commented:
I figured it out. All I have to do is go to the options tab and click refresh.
Barbara69Author Commented:
I'm giving a B, because I had already performed the suggested solution before I came back to this site.
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