Cisco 1262 AP with a Cisco 1861 PoE router


I have had some issues where my 1262 radios get reset, and this message in the logs:

%CDP_PD-2-POWER_LOW: All radios disabled - NEGOTIATED inline power source

My PoE router, is an 1861 which supports 15.4w on each port, and this radio is rated for 15.4.  Any other reason this might be happening?
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Craig BeckCommented:
The 1861 is only intended to support PoE for 8x IP Phones, which typically require 7-12W per port.  If you want to power a 1262 AP you'll need to use a PoE injector to ensure they have enough power.

The PSU in the 1861 only supplies 80W PoE, so if you do the maths (80/15.4) you can only power 5 APs from the router at any one time (providing you don't also have phones connected).
This message indicates what you think that the Cisco power source is not capable of supplying sufficient power to the access point. On power up, the access point is placed into low power mode (both radios are disabled), Cisco IOS software loads and runs, and power negotiation determines if sufficient power is available. If there is sufficient power then the radios are turned on; otherwise, the access point remains in low power mode with the radios disabled to prevent a possible over-current condition.

 Just because it's cert. to 15.4w doesn't mean it's output is that on the router end.  The draw on the power source is higher at the router end (power source) based upon how long the cable length is to the access point.  Is this an excessively long cable?  Is this a bad cable perhaps?
chikagohAuthor Commented:
I will check the cable, but it should be a brand new patch cable, 7 feet or less.

The radio would come up fine, and take a handful of clients.  The power issue would come up after the radio has been running for hours sometimes.
At 7 feeet you wouldn't have any power issues like I described above.  I was also assuming the power issue was on load of the AP.  Sounds more like an AP device fault if it works for awhile before it errors out.
chikagohAuthor Commented:
Issue hasn't happened since I statically set the AP ethernet and 1861 ethernet to 100M/Full.  I am only running 1 AP on this router, and no other PoE devices.
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