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Outlook 2010 Synchronisation Issues with Exchange 2010


We have a small environment with an Exchange 2010 server. There about 7 user accounts on the server. Clients are using Outlook 2010 in Cached Mode. For all users, except 1, everything is working perfectly.

1 particular user is having an ongoing synchronisation issue.

* New emails are not automatically downloaded into Outlook. They're only downloaded if "Send/Receive" is clicked, or Outlook is restarted.
* Changes are not synchronised back to the server. i.e. marking an email as read, does NOT mark it as read on the iPhone or in webmail.
* Some emails are not in the sent folder.
* Calendar integration between Outlook and iPhone is not working.

Yet, iPhone and Webmail are syncing correctly. i.e. creating a calendar entry on the iPhone, creates it immediately in webmail. Or marking an item as read. So this points to an issue with the Outlook client. We have:

1. Rebuilt the Outlook Profile.
2. Reinstalled Outlook.
3. Purchased a new machine, fresh install and config of everything.

Yet the issue persists.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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And if you take the user off Cached Exchange mode
How does outlook behave?

OUtlook Syncronizatoin issues are closely related to cached exchange mode
They are issues arising from the syncronization of the user mailbox to the OST thats created fro the user whihc holds the cached info

Check to make sure the OST is stored locally on the PC and not anywhere over the network which may happen if user has Romaing profiles or redirected Home Drives

Try disablig the sync between outlook and the mobile devices
Then test outlook with Cached Mode on
JimmyDailyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the prompt response.

* We didn't try cache mode off, but I suspect it would work fine.
* The OST is stored locally.

We have made some progress on this. We have built up a new machine and installed Outlook 2010 and configure with just his account. We haven't added any additional mailboxes or any other software. It's been working fine for the last few days.

Given that, we tried removing all additional mailboxes which were attached to his mail account. This has fixed the issue. To narrow down the problem, we have added/removed any different number of mailboxes and can't isolate the exact cause. At this stage we're operating with 3 additional mailboxes and will see how it goes.
JimmyDailyAuthor Commented:
Removing the additional mailboxes solved the issue momentarily, but we still have the problem every now and then. Whilst the issue hasn't been resolved, we're 'managing' it. I'd still like to see a real solution if possible.
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