How to make Crystal Report print directly to printer without exporting to PDF?

I have a web application which is using Crystal Reports. 3 PCs are using Firefox as the browser to access that website. When I hit [Print] button on Crystal Report Viewer, 2 of PCs show the print windows which allow me to choose printer to print directly. However, the final PC does not do that. It ask me to export report to PDF instead of bring the print window up. I believe that there is something to do with ActiveX control on Firefox but I cannot find any solution on the internet.

Please help me out. The message is "Crystal Report needs to exporting to PDF to print..."
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YVFAuthor Commented:

There was no pdf writter installed and I don't want to write as PDF as well. I want to print them directly to physical printer.

I logged as administrator and install every thing firefox ask for activeXcontrol but it does not work.

I found the solution on the other wesite. The solution is that I should install Adobe Reader after install Firefox so that Adobe Reader will install a plugin on Firefox to allow it to print directly from Crystal Report to printer. What I did is re-install Adobe Reader and it works now.
Deepak LakkadCommented:
check default printer on the device. is it a PDF writer?
Make sure they have permission to download ActiveX controls

YVFAuthor Commented:
Found solution on other website
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