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Lost user email in exchange server 2007

outlook crashed on an XP workstation after another computer user account on that local computer was removed "control panel/system".

I created another outlook profile after the crash for the user who lost his email expecting it to sync with the exchange server and his old email to trickle back into his pc. However to my dismay this did not happen. He has working email but all his old email is gone.

I logged into the exchange server with internet explorer "owa" webmail for the disgruntled user but his old email is not there.

How should I proceed next. I have symantec backups of both the users computer and the server but can not see a granular restore option for a single email account on the server and is this the best option anyway?

I checked from within the users outlook for deleted server email "tools menu" but it shows nothing.
1 Solution
If emails are not there in OWA then seems they are not there on the server either. Options we have are as below:

- Try to check if any item is recoverable using Recover Deleted Items Option in Outlook
refer following articles for that

- If the old profile with Outlook was in cache mode and if you can somehow open that profile then you may recover those emails to PST and use it

- If both the above options do not work then go for restoring single user with the backup you have.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask for clarification\details if you have query with regards to any of the above options.

Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
I bet this user had their email being delivered to a local PST file, which removed the items from the Exchange server. If that is the case, then your only hope is to find the original PST file. If it has gone, then the email is gone, as it is will not exist in the Exchange database at all.

If you have a backup of the user's computer, look for the PST file in there.

RapidityAUAuthor Commented:
Tried to recover deleted items in all folders as per the first reply from SKS with the registry change. Got some deleted back but the missing emails were not there at all. So something more than deletion had occurred.

I ended up restoring my backup of the workstation. The problem seems to have come about as the users inbox had been recovered at an earlier point in history and the inbox structure had changed to something like "recovered email". When I made a new email profile it setup a new email structure as usual called inbox but in doing this the sync with the server has not worked properly and the old emails were not seen but were in fact still there somewhere?

On restoring the renamed "recovered email" structure all the emails synced and I got back emails that were not even covered in my backup "Brilliant" because as it turned out my backup base volume had been damaged and I had to go back earlier than I had hoped. A whole 2.5 months as the backup was set to make a new base every quarter not monthly with incrementals then after. Which is something to watch out for as a dropout on the backup hard disk in the base was a disaster in its self. Maybe backing up to two external hard disks is the way to go in the future with two different backup jobs set for alternate days. Was not a good experience on top of everything getting a faulty backup.

Anyway I seem to be able to get the old documents back by right clicking and mounting the faulty image and using copy and past.

So thankfully all seems to have worked out in the end, but it made for a long night.

Thanks to all that tried to help.
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