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I work in a school where we have about 1500 machines and on our summer break we re-image them all. Some of our images on our WDS Server is older than one year and we have to update them every now and then.

My question is: How can I update my Images with Windows Updates?

Do I have to create a new image in order to do the Windows Update on it?

or Can we use our WDS Server to keep those images udpated ?

Please advice.

mallonyIT TechnicianAsked:
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unfortunatelly i don't have any videos about it, but i try to explain you , what you want to do.

1. Connect to server where you have WDS role
2. Server Manager -> Roles -> Windows Deployment Services -> your server -> Install Images -> Right Click on image that you want to update -> Export image
3. Select location where you want to save wim file
4. Now run cmd As Administrator
5. You need to mount your image
For example, let's set that my wim is located in d:\MyImage.wim
and Index of my image is 1.

We must select index, becouse as you now in wim file you can have a lot of install image, for example install.wim from Windows 7 CD have various editions such as Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise etc.

if you don't know which index your image have, use dism /Get-WimInfo

so return to topic:
If you already know where you save your image and which index have an interesting system type i CMD

dism /Mount-Wim /WimFile:D:MyImage.wim /Index:1 /MountDir:D:\Mount

D:\Mount is a folder where you mount your image

6. Now you can download updates which you want to apply to image
with dism you can add update with extension .cab ...So you have to download the package. msu, then unpack it
If you have .cab files now in CMD type
dism /Image:D:\Mount /Add-Package /PackagePath:here type package path and filename

Add updates which you want.
Now if everything is ok, you can commit changes and umount wim

7. In CMD type
dism /Umount-Wim /Commit /MountDir:D:\Mount

8.Now we can back to server where you have WDS
Right Click on Image which we exported previously -> Replace Image

It's everything, i hope it will help you;)
If you want to update your image. You can install system, updates Windows and other application, do sysprep ones again and capture image.
But other way is update offline wim file:)
You can use DSIM to this.
You must export your image, mount using DISM, add updates and replace on WDS server .
Here is tutorial: http://robwhitehouse.com/2010/04/11/apply-an-update-to-an-offline-wim-image/
mallonyIT TechnicianAuthor Commented:
Would you have this in a much easier explanation? a video or a GUI step by step on Windows Updates?
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With which step you have a problem?
mallonyIT TechnicianAuthor Commented:
mallonyIT TechnicianAuthor Commented:
do you have a clip here I could watch and lean?
mallonyIT TechnicianAuthor Commented:
I will try this.

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