What is the best PSTN FXO ATA


I have been battling with the Linksys SPA3000 ATA for weeks.

The device works to some extent but after constantly tweaking echo and line garbling and codec issues, I need to know if there is something more suitable or newer that works better?

The device acts as the connection from our telstra land line PSTN number to bring it into our Digium Switchvox Home edition.

If I forward the Telstra number immediately to mynetfone number, which is a SIP trunk straignt from the digium system over the internet all the issues disappear (Because the ATA becomes redundant) This would be great, but I cant afford to keep paying for the forwarded calls.

Any suggestions?
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The 3000 was replaced by the 3102 which does behave much better --

But you can look at a half dozen other similar devices  --


To reference a few --
Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
I'll second the recommendation for Audiocodes. I had a few in testing from a while ago and they worked fine.
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