Adding signature to trigger that executes a procedure on another DB

There was a security issue with trigger executing a procedure on another DB. We found a solution that was based on module signing (adding signature from certificate etc.)
I can't find any clear guide to sign procedure / trigger and to make that work.

Can someone please help me?
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lynqAuthor Commented:
As I've said in first post the general description of my problem (including error and my code) can be found here
We've found that this problem can be solved by using code signing.
What I want to get from experts is clear algorithm how to use code signing in this particular case. Or any other way to make my trigger work.
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
Does the trigger actually need to wait for the procedure to execute?

Normally you don't want anything not absolutely required holding up a trigger, least of all something requiring cross-server communication.

Can you instead use a Service Broker message to alert the other server that code needs to be run on it?
lynqAuthor Commented:
I've been talking about cross-DB not cross-server communication.
Should I still use Service Broker?

<<Does the trigger actually need to wait for the procedure to execute?
Do you mean using WAITFOR inside trigger?
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lynqAuthor Commented:
Will anyone help me?
If you have two databases on the same server, you should be able to grant any procedure in any of the db's permission to execute from anywhere you need.  Are you getting an error or what.  Post some code and an exact message from the server.
lynqAuthor Commented:
Nobody helped
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