SEO login credentials lost and can we start with newlogin and start SEO

Dear Experts:

We had outsourced Search engine optimization even after making payment for the contract termination they have not provided the login credentials of seach engine optimization. can anybody suggest on the following:

1. how to back our seach engine login credintials without the seo service provider.
2. is it possible to create new login and start search engine optimization for the traffic towards our website.

We are located in india iam in search of good SEO providers. please help me on the above

Please suggest.
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freshcontentConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are the owner of a website and have control over putting content on that website, you can gain control of the Google or other search engine metrics, error reports, and other information given by the search engine(s) about your site.

For Google, you will need to register for a new account with Google Webmaster Central at:

This link talks about site verification, what Google requires in order to know that you own the website. 

Is there another SEO service provider/vendor that you are concerned about getting access to your credentials with?
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