Prevent ASA 5505 SSH server from revealing version number


Can anyone please advise if it is possilble to modify/restrict the advertised SSH version information when connecting to an ASA 5505 (with an IPS module).  The purpose of this is to prevent a potential attacker taking advantage of identifying the version of SSH and then launcing a targeted exploit.
The ASA does restrict the source IP range of where SSH connections can originate from.

The ASA is running version 8.4 code.


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I believe you cannot change the advertised version, but cisco asa have increased security on ssh, as it is stated in 8.4 release notes:

"Increased SSH security; the SSH default username is no longer supported—Starting in 8.4(2), you can no longer connect to the ASA using SSH with the pix or asa username and the login password. To use SSH, you must configure AAA authentication using the aaa authentication ssh console LOCAL command (CLI) or Configuration > Device Management > Users/AAA > AAA Access > Authentication (ASDM); then define a local user by entering the username command (CLI) or choosing Configuration > Device Management > Users/AAA > User Accounts (ASDM). If you want to use a AAA server for authentication instead of the local database, we recommend also configuring local authentication as a backup method."

Basically this means that attacker won't be able to exploit an attack by trying password of the previous default user (e.g. "pix"), but has got to guess what user account you have configured (try avoiding the usual "Administrator", "admin" and the like).
Besides, as you have written, you can as well limit the range of outside sources allowed to connect by configuring the ssh command (i.e.: ssh outside).

hope this helps
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