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excel vba range.find doesn't return a range

Dear experts,

I have this little piece of code and i can't get the find function to return the address or range of the cell.

i don't understand what i have to do. here's my code.

sub testFind()

Dim GSRNsp As String
Dim PlantnameSP As String
Dim Skownership As Integer
Dim MeasuringRfact As Integer
Dim rangeFind As Range
With Workbooks(WorkbookName).Sheets("DividedPD's")

    x = .Cells(Rows.Count, "J").End(xlUp).Row

For i = 2 To x

    GSRNsp = .Range("J" & i).Value 'this is a unique id nr like(703213102 stored as text)
    PlantnameSP = .Range("K" & i).Value
    Skownership = .Range("L" & i).Value
    MeasuringRfact = .Range("M" & i).Value

Set rangeFind = Workbooks(targetSheetName).Sheets(tabName).Range("3:3").Find(What:=GSRNsp, After:=Range("A3"), SearchOrder:=xlByColumns)

'rangefind will now return the unique id like (703213102) while it should return the range 'or something?

next i

end with 

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Thank you!

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1 Solution
MarkVrenkenAuthor Commented:
ps this is just a piece of the code. The other workbook is first opened
MarkVrenkenAuthor Commented:
added this and it works:)

If Not rangeFind Is Nothing Then

ColumnNumber = rangeFind.Column

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