Combox Boxes and displaying Values

So on a form (Record Source is is tblReviewers)I have a combo box that pulls data from a Table called tblSpecialities.  The user selects the approrpiate speciality and continues to fill out the rest of the form, which is then stored in tblreviewers.   So I understand that the value for the speciality is stored in the record in tblreviewers, however I want to display the actual textual value as opposed to the numeric value associated with the speciality chosen on a different form.  how do i do that?
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Let's say your recordsource for your dropdown is "qry" and includes (in this order)... ID, Text.
This is 2 columns.
In the properties of the combobox

Column count: 2
Column Widths: 0";2"
Bound Column: 1

This keeps the bound value to the ID... but makes the ID column invisible to your combo box... thus displaying the text.

Scott C
Put the same combo box on the second form
seamus9909Author Commented:
the second form is a display only form, so what I want to show them is the actual value not the Id.

Example     Speciality = Medical Doctor      =    ID = 15.
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Set the width of the ID column to 0.  (I had assumed you had done that on your original combo - is there any reason for the user to see the ID at all?)
seamus9909Author Commented:
no the ID means nothing to the User.
So set the first column width value to 0.  You will then see the next column when you select a value from the dropdown list.
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