Best Wireless Configuration for Home

Hello ,
I want to configure my Wireless Access Points to be the best configuration at My home .
I have at Home
1- Gateway for the Fiber Optic Internet Connection With WiFi.
2- 3 Wireless Access Points ( 2  Sitecom 300N , 1 Linksys Access Point).

how i can configure the Access point to be covered at all home (note :  the wireless access point distributed at all home ) .

Can i keep the SSID same on all access point ? the Encryption ? and the Channel ? what is the best channel that will not effect the other wireless ?

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tylerpayneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Set channel to 6. Make sure SSID is the same on all access points and router. Set AP to bridge mode and only let the router/Main gateway handle DHCP. That way when you roam around the house the connection can switch from on AP to another using same SSID and encryption.
fadyazAuthor Commented:
thanks tylerpayne for your reply .
but which one i have to choose for AP Bridge ? Please see the screen shot
Access Point Configuration
Point to point
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